Tattoo Aftercare

Tattoo Aftercare

Whether it be your very first tattoo or one more addition to your heavily inked skin, taking good care of your new tattoo, as advised by your artist, remains essential. Here are Magnum Tattoo Inc.’s aftercare instructions.

  1. Remove the bandage after 4 hours.
  2. Wash your tattoo with fragrance-free soap and warm water. 
  3. Wash properly until skin stops feeling slippery.
  4. Once your tattoo is properly washed, rinse with cold water to tighten up the pores.
  5. Pat dry with paper towel.
  6. Keep an eye on your tattoo for the first 48 hours to make sure there isn’t any discharge and/or scabbing (crusting)*. Your tattoo must always remain smooth in appearance. If it seems granular or textured, wash it again (step 1 to 5).
    *Especially in the morning, since your tattoo may ooze during the night. 
  7. After 48 hours, if your tattoo is smooth and without discharge or texture, you can start applying the ointment (Hustle Butter, Bacitin or Erinea) for a period of 7 to 10 days (or when the tattoo has finished peeling).

Important Information

Only apply a minimal amount of ointment and completely rub it in. Your tattoo shouldn’t be glossy or greasy.

If, as described in step 6, your tattoo looks textured in any way, it means you applied too much ointment. In that instance, repeat steps 3 to 5 to avoid scabbing.

Scabbing may seriously damage your tattoo by leaving scars and unnecessarily prolong the healing time of your tattoo.

General Guidelines:

  • Don’t let your tattoo come in contact with dirt or dust,
  • Don’t sleep directly on your tattoo,
  • No bathing or swimming (bath, pool, spa, sea, lake, etc.),
  • Avoid sun exposure (no sunbed or sauna) for a month,
  • Don’t pick or scratch your tattoo,
  • Don’t put a bandage on it,
  • Avoid sweating. No exercise for a minimum of 10 days,
  • Carefully wash your hands before doing the aftercare,
  • Don’t touch your tattoo except during the aftercare,
  • Avoid tight clothes or accessories that may rub on your tattoo (bra, socks, hair elastic, belt, jewelry, etc.) 
  • Wear loose, clean clothes.

If your new tattoo needs a touch-up, you must contact your tattoo artist less than a month after getting your tattoo, and the touch-up must be done in the following 3 months. Magnum Tattoo Inc. reserves the right to refuse a free touch-up if we think the aftercare instructions were not followed correctly.