YOLO Tattoos & Roll the Dice Body Piercings

24 June 2020

YOLO Tattoos & Roll the Dice Body Piercings

Need inspiration for your next tattoo? Want to get a new piercing but don’t know where? Let us take care of that. Magnum XIII created a fun way to help you choose your next body modification: YOLO Tattoos and Roll the Dice Body Piercings.

YOLO Tattoos

Lost a bet to your friends? Want to get a new piece but money’s tight? At Magnum Tattoo, $80 will get you a surprise tattoo! Are you brave enough to tempt fate with YOLO Tattoos?

The principle is simple: You get what you get. For the modest price of $80, the YOLO Machine picks a small flash tattoo for you. If you don’t like the flash that was chosen for you, you can try again for $20.

Roll the Dice Body Piercings

Feeling lucky? Come to the studio and roll the dice to get a new piercing. For a mere $45, let chance decide what your next piercing’s gonna be.

Here’s how it goes: you roll two dice, one for piercing location and the other one for body jewelry. If you’re lucky and the location dice falls on cartilage, you get the chance to roll a third dice that lets you pick which cartilage you want pierced.

Do you have what it takes to tempt fate and let us play with your destiny? If so, we’ll see you at the studio!

Looking for inspiration but don’t trust your next body modification to chance? We have a few resources for you. Check out our website for new ideas and our blog posts for answers to your questions. You can always take a look at our portfolio right here.